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Web Sealer and Shrink Tunnel - Model: BS-5540M

Web Sealer and Shrink Tunnel - Model: BS-5540M

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Product Description: The BS-5540M is a high-capacity web sealer and shrink tunnel by CT Pack, designed to accommodate a broad range of product sizes. It offers a powerful solution for industries requiring efficient, high-speed packaging. With a capacity to handle PE films, it is particularly suitable for businesses in sectors like beverages, chinaware, and more.


  • High-Speed Packaging: Capable of wrapping 8-10 pcs/min.
  • Versatile Film Handling: Ideal for PE films up to 80 μm thick.
  • Large Tunnel Size: Accommodates a variety of product dimensions.
  • Robust Construction: Ensures longevity and reliability in high-demand settings.


  • Voltage: 380/50(3P), 220/60(3P)
  • Power: 23 kW
  • Loading Capacity: 40 kg
  • Conveying Speed: 0-8 m/min
  • Tunnel Size (L×W×H): 1450×550×400 mm
  • External Dimensions (L×W×H): 2550×850×1600 mm
  • Net Weight: 300 kg
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