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Vertical Coil Wrapping Machine CT-VCWM 01

Vertical Coil Wrapping Machine CT-VCWM 01

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Product Description:

The CT-VCWM 01 Vertical Coil Wrapping Machine from CT Pack is an advanced solution for wrapping coils, specifically designed for drip pipe applications. This machine features state-of-the-art automation with a Delta PLC and VFD drive, ensuring precise and efficient operation. With its robust M.S. structure and powder-coated finish, the CT-VCWM 01 is built for durability and consistent performance. The adjustable parameters for coil dimensions and the capacity to handle variable weights make it highly versatile and suitable for a range of coil wrapping needs.


  • Power Input: 1Ph Ac 230V 50/60Hz, 2 KW
  • Ring Motor: 0.5-1 hp
  • Roller Motor: 0.5-1 hp
  • Automation: PLC (Delta), Drive: VFD (Delta)
  • Machine Body: M.S. structure, powder coating
  • Size: 1.5x1.4x1.5 meters
  • Weight: 550 Kgs Approx.
  • Output: Variable coil inner and outer diameters, width/height, and weight; 2 coils/minute output (dependent on size/operator speed)


  • Adjustable Overlapping: Motor-driven for precise film application.
  • Automatic Functions: Cutting, holding of film, and ejection post-wrapping.
  • Adjustable Stretch Ratio: Tailored to different wrapping requirements.
  • Vibration-Free Operation: Ensures stability and precision.
  • PLC-Based Control: Automates wrapping, rotation, cutting, and ejection.


  • Specifically designed for drip pipe wrapping.
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