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TP-733VLM Pollux III Pallet Strapping Machine - Automated Efficiency and Precision

TP-733VLM Pollux III Pallet Strapping Machine - Automated Efficiency and Precision

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Product Description:

The TP-733VLM Pollux III Pallet Strapping Machine represents the pinnacle of automated efficiency and precision in various pallet strapping applications. This enhanced machine maximizes productivity by consistently and accurately applying straps to pallet loads, while minimizing production costs through high-speed and stable operation. Designed for seamless integration into your master control system, the TP-733VLM effortlessly adapts to diverse end-of-line packaging sectors.

Key Features:

  • ARES TP-733-SH Strapping Head: Utilize the reliable ARES TP-733-SH strapping head for optimal performance.

  • SIEMENS PLC and HMI: Control and monitor operations effortlessly with SIEMENS PLC and HMI.

  • Swivel Dispenser Set: Enhance strapping flexibility with a swivel dispenser set.

  • Index Strapping Head: Achieve precise strapping placement with the index strapping head.

  • Movable Strap Lance: Enjoy versatility with a movable strap lance.

  • Friction Weld Sealing Technology: Secure and reliable strapping with friction weld sealing technology.

  • Free Access to Strap Guides: Simplify maintenance with free access to strap guides.

  • Modular Arch: Adapt to various pallet sizes with a modular arch.

  • Adjustable Sealing and Cooling Time: Customize sealing and cooling times as needed.

  • Strap End Ejector: Streamline operations with a strap end ejector.

  • Easy to Replace Strapping Head: Simplify maintenance with an easily replaceable strapping head.


  • Floating Head: Opt for a floating head for added flexibility.

  • Index Head Stroke up to 700 mm (3M): Choose extended index head stroke for specific requirements.

  • Free Standing Operation Desk: Enhance convenience with a free-standing operation desk.

  • Light Tower with Low Strap Sensor: Improve visibility and sensor functionality with a light tower and low strap sensor.

  • Dual Channel E-Stop: Boost safety with a dual-channel emergency stop.

  • Lower Tension Range (200 - 1200 N): Select the lower tension range option for specific needs.

  • Top Press (200 kg or 500 kg): Add a top press option for enhanced stability.

  • HMI Mounted on the Opposite Side: Opt for HMI mounting on the opposite side for convenience.

  • Uplifted Support: Enhance support and stability with uplifted support.

  • End of Strap Signal: Receive timely notifications with the end of strap signal feature.

Different Models Available:

  • TP-733V: Fixed head with a closed strap track.

  • TP-733VM: Index head with a closed strap track.

  • TP-733VLM: Index head with a movable lance.

Technical Data:

  • Capacity: Up to 72 pallets per hour (2 parallel straps).

  • Strap Type: Compatible with PP and PET strapping.

  • Strap Width: Available in 9 mm, 12 mm, 15.5 mm, or 19 mm.

  • Strap Core Size: 406 mm.

  • Tension Range: Adjustable from 1,100 N to 3,200 N (standard) or 200 N to 1,200 N (optional).

  • Weight: 445 kg.

  • Electrical Requirements: Compatible with 220V, 380V, 400V, and 415V, 50/60Hz, 3PH.

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