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TP-733-SH ARES - Enhanced Medium Duty Strapping Head

TP-733-SH ARES - Enhanced Medium Duty Strapping Head

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Product Description:

Introducing the TP-733-SH ARES, an enhanced medium-duty strapping head that blends the latest DC brushless motor technology with a human-centered design. This strapping head is engineered to provide exceptional performance while prioritizing user convenience. All transmissions are driven directly by motors or through gears, ensuring reliable and efficient operation. With its robust and compact design, advanced production process, and commitment to consistent Transpak quality, the TP-733-SH ARES delivers maximum value at a minimal cost.

Key Features:

  • Reliable Robust Mechanism Design: Built to high engineering standards, ensuring durability and reliability.

  • Friction Weld Sealing Technology: Utilizes friction weld sealing, eliminating fumes and odors during operation.

  • High Tension Force: Offers a tension force of up to 3,200 N (320 kg) for secure strapping.

  • Compatible with Various Strap Types: Suitable for PP and PET strapping with widths of 9 mm, 12 mm, 15.5 mm, or 19 mm.

  • Easy Strap Width Adjustment: Easily switch between different strap widths as needed.

  • Free Access to Strap Guides: Simplifies maintenance and strap replacement.

  • Ideal for Retrofit: Perfect for retrofitting onto new or existing pallet strapping machines, enhancing their performance.

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