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TP-601YPT Automatic Machine for PET and PP Strapping - High-Performance Strapping Solution

TP-601YPT Automatic Machine for PET and PP Strapping - High-Performance Strapping Solution

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Product Description:

Experience the ultimate strapping solution with the TP-601YPT, an automatic side-seal strapping machine designed for both PP and PET strapping (available in 9 mm, 12 mm, or 15.5 mm). This powerful machine, equipped with friction weld sealing technology, boasts extra-large arch sizes, making it the perfect choice for strapping large and heavy products, household appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, and various palletized items. Seamlessly integrate it into your production lines for enhanced efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Friction Weld Sealing Technology: Benefit from friction weld sealing technology for secure and reliable strapping.

  • Siemens PLC: Enjoy advanced control and precision with Siemens PLC integration.

  • Electronic Tension Control: Achieve electronic tension control with a tension capacity of up to 1500 N (150 kg).

  • Auto Strap Refeed: Minimize downtime with the convenience of automatic strap refeed functionality.


  • Photo-Eye and Interlock: Opt for fully-automatic application with photo-eye and interlock options.

  • Emergency Stop Switch: Enhance safety with an emergency stop switch.

  • Foot Pedal Switch: Gain user control flexibility with a foot pedal switch.

  • With Adjustable Free Roller Table (TP-601YPT-T): Choose the TP-601YPT-T model with an adjustable free roller table for specific requirements.

Technical Data:

  • Capacity: Up to 11 cycles per minute (60Hz).

  • Strap Width: Available in 9 mm, 12 mm, or 15.5 mm.

  • Tension Range: Adjustable from 20 kg to 150 kg.

  • Strap Core Size: Choose from 406 mm, 200 mm, 230 mm, or 280 mm.

  • Weight: 355 kg.

  • Electrical Requirements: Compatible with 220V, 380V, 400V, and 415V, 50/60Hz, 3PH.

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