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TP-601YA Tauris Transit - Versatile and Reliable Strapping Machine

TP-601YA Tauris Transit - Versatile and Reliable Strapping Machine

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Product Description:

Meet the TP-601YA Tauris Transit, a versatile and reliable strapping machine that shares the same robust strapping head as the TP-601D. Engineered for seamless integration into most production lines, it proves its efficiency across various applications. Ideal for strapping large or heavy products and household appliances, the TP-601YA boasts a side-mounted strapping head design that thrives even in dusty working environments, such as sawmill plants, brick, and tile industries. Explore a wide range of arch sizes to meet diverse strapping needs.

Key Features:

  • Reliable and Robust Strapping Head: Count on the TP-601YA's dependable and robust strapping head for consistent performance.

  • Auto Strap Feeding: Experience hassle-free strapping with automatic strap feeding.

  • Electronic Tension Control: Achieve precise tension control for optimal strapping results.

  • Auto Strap Ejector: Streamline your strapping process with an auto strap ejector feature.

  • Short Feed Sensor: Benefit from a short feed sensor for efficient strapping.

  • Auto Strap Refeed: Reduce downtime with automatic strap refeed functionality.

  • Strap End Ejector: Enhance your strapping efficiency with a strap end ejector.

  • Lubrication-Free Strapping Head: Enjoy maintenance-free operation with a lubrication-free strapping head.

  • Up and Downstream Interlock: Enhance safety and efficiency with up and downstream interlock capabilities.

  • Adjustable Weld Cooling Time: Customize weld cooling time settings from 0 to 2 seconds.


  • Emergency Stop Switch: Add an emergency stop switch for enhanced safety.

  • Siemens PLC: Choose the Siemens PLC option for advanced control.

  • PU Casters: Opt for PU casters for increased mobility.

  • Uplifted Support: Choose uplifted support to optimize your strapping process.

  • Without Adjustable Roller Table (TP-601YA-XT): Select the TP-601YA-XT model without an adjustable roller table for specific requirements.

Technical Data:

  • Capacity: Up to 18 packages per minute.

  • Strap Width: Available in 8 mm, 9 mm, or 12 mm.

  • Tension Range: Adjustable from 7 kg to 70 kg (requires safety devices to meet CE regulations).

  • Table Height: Customize the table height between 480 mm and 585 mm to suit your needs.

  • Conveyor Speed: Adjustable from 10 to 40 meters per minute.

  • Weight: 333 kg.

  • Electrical Requirements: Compatible with 220V, 380V, 400V, and 415V, 50/60Hz, 3PH.

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