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TP-202L Low-Table Semi-Auto Strapping Machine

TP-202L Low-Table Semi-Auto Strapping Machine

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Product Description: The TP-202L is a specialized low-table semi-auto strapping machine, perfectly suited for handling bulky or heavy packages. Its design emphasizes high engineering standards and simplicity, ensuring reliable and efficient operation. Key features include mechanical outside tension control, a hinged stainless steel top plate, and rigid castors with brake. The machine's energy-saving design means the motor runs only when necessary, adding to its efficiency.


  • High engineering standard, simple design
  • Mechanical outside tension control
  • Hinged stainless steel top plate
  • Rigid castors with brake
  • Energy-efficient operation


  • Safety switch under the table top
  • Adjustable weld-cooling time (0-2 sec.)

Technical Data:

  • Strap Width: 6 mm - 15.5 mm
  • Tension Range: 15 kg - 45 kg
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Electrical Requirements: 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz 1PH
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