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Shrink Tunnel Machine - Model: ST-6535

Shrink Tunnel Machine - Model: ST-6535

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Product Description:

The ST-6535 is a highly efficient shrink tunnel machine by CT Pack, featuring a lengthened double hot wind tunnel for improved shrinking performance. This machine incorporates a hot-wind & down-cyclone structure with intelligent temperature control and AC variable speed regulation. It's adaptable to different shrink films and suitable for a wide array of products.


  • Conveyor Options: Teflon belt and roller type
  • Temperature Control: Intelligent, with hot-wind & down-cyclone structure
  • Speed Regulation: AC variable speed
  • Shrink Tunnel Structure: Lengthened double hot wind tunnel


  • Optimal Shrink Wrapping: Ensures high-quality, uniform packaging.
  • Versatile Conveyor Choices: Adaptable for various product types.
  • Wide Application Spectrum: Ideal for PVC, POF, PP films and a range of products.
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