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Shrink Tunnel Machine - Model: CT ST-4525

Shrink Tunnel Machine - Model: CT ST-4525

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Product Description:

The CT ST-4525 is a robust shrink tunnel machine designed for precision shrink wrapping applications. It features a hot-wind & down-cyclone structure for even heat distribution and intelligent temperature control for optimal shrink film application. This model is equipped with AC variable speed regulation to adapt to different production needs and offers the flexibility of using either a Teflon belt or roller conveyor.


  • Voltage: 380v / 50hz (3ph)
  • Temperature Control: Hot-wind & down-cyclone structure, intelligent control
  • Speed Regulation: AC variable speed
  • Conveyor Options: Teflon belt and roller type
  • Shrink Tunnel Structure: Single hot wind tunnel


  • Efficient Heat Application: Ensures consistent shrink wrapping quality.
  • Versatile Conveyor Choices: Suitable for a range of product types and sizes.
  • Application Range: Ideal for products like food, beverages, cosmetics, and more.
  • Emergency Off Switch: Enhances operational safety.
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