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Reel Wrapping Machine CT-RWM 01

Reel Wrapping Machine CT-RWM 01

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Product Description:

The CT-RWM 01 from CT Pack is an advanced reel wrapping machine designed for versatile and efficient wrapping operations. It operates on a 3-phase power supply and features a robust 3 KW motor. Equipped with a Delta PLC and VFD drive, this machine offers precise control with a pre-stretch system capable of stretching up to 300%. Its sturdy M.S. structure and durable powder coating ensure longevity, while its size and weight make it suitable for various industrial applications.


  • Power Input: 3 Phase, 380v-415v, 50/60Hz, 3 KW
  • Turn Table Motor: 1-2 hp
  • Pre-stretch Motor: 0.5 hp
  • Automation: PLC (Delta), Drive: VFD (Delta)
  • Pre-stretch: Up to 300%
  • Machine Body: M.S. structure, powder coating
  • Size: Approximately 2.5x2.5x2.0 meters
  • Weight: Approximately 750 Kgs
  • Reel Specifications: Variable outer diameter, width/length, and weight


  • Pre-Stretch Unit: Saves film roll by stretching film before application.
  • Manual Material Handling: Allows for manual pulling and cutting of material.
  • Adjustable Overlapping: Motor-driven control for wrap coverage.
  • Adjustable Stretch Ratio: Customizable for different wrapping needs.
  • PLC Based Operation: Timed wrapping and rotation for consistency.
  • Vibration-Free Operation: Ensures stable wrapping process.


  • Suitable for wrapping various sizes and weights of reels in multiple industries.
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