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POF Shrink Films

POF Shrink Films

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Product Description:

CT Pack's ultra-transparent POF (Polyolefin) shrink films combine durability, safety, and clarity, making them an ideal packaging solution for a wide range of products. These 5-layer films are designed to withstand negative external influences while preserving the qualities and properties of the packaged items. They offer optimal protection and stability for shrink-wrapped items and are an economical choice for collective packaging needs.


  • High Transparency: Ensures clear visibility of packaged products.
  • Strength and Versatility: Suitable for securely wrapping various items.
  • Safe for Food Contact: Can be used to shrink pack food items directly.
  • High-Quality Printing: Supports up to 10-color printing without compromising shrink performance.
  • Heat Shrink Compatibility: Performs excellently during the heat shrinking process, even post-printing.


  • Wide Product Range: Ideal for wrapping promotional products, books, wallpapers, tissue boxes, instant noodle cups, cosmetics, stationery, food, household and cleaning items, toys, confectionery, and more.
  • Industry Use: Suitable for industries like food and beverage, cosmetics, household goods, toys, and stationery.
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