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Pallet Wrapping Machine with Mechanical Stretch - Model: CT-PWM 2000

Pallet Wrapping Machine with Mechanical Stretch - Model: CT-PWM 2000

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Product Description:

The CT-PWM 2000 from CT Pack is an advanced pallet wrapping machine tailored for high-capacity industrial applications. It features a 300% pre-stretch mechanism, ensuring effective and economical use of stretch film. With its high wrapping height and capacity, it is perfect for a range of applications.


  • Brand: CT PACK
  • Model: CT-PWM 2000
  • Power Supply: 1P AC220V/110V, 50/60Hz, 0.5 KW
  • Wrapping Height: 2100 mm
  • Column Height: 2700 mm
  • Turntable Diameter: 2000 mm
  • Load Capacity: 2000 kg
  • Pre-Stretch Capability: 300%
  • Operational Speed: 0-10 wraps per minute
  • Film Specifications: 500 mm width, outer diameter 280 mm
  • Machine Dimensions (L×W×H): Not specified
  • Net Weight: 900 kg (Approx)


  • Enhanced Load Capacity: Can handle loads up to 2000 kg.
  • Flexible Wrapping Options: Adjustable height and speed for various applications.
  • Efficient Film Usage: 300% pre-stretch capability for cost-effective operation.
  • Sturdy Design: Built for the rigors of industrial use.
  • Easy to Operate: Minimal training required for effective use.
  • Wide Application Range: Suitable for wrapping a variety of palletized products.
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