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Mini Shrink Tunnel Machine - Model: CT ST-2020

Mini Shrink Tunnel Machine - Model: CT ST-2020

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Product Description:

The CT ST-2020 Mini Shrink Tunnel Machine is tailored for shrinking applications involving small items. Featuring hot-wind and down-cyclone structure, this machine offers intelligent temperature control and adjustable conveyor speeds. Its versatility is shown in its ability to handle films like PVC, POF, and PP, suitable for shrinking a wide array of products including food, cosmetics, and toys.


  • Intelligent Temperature Control: Ensures optimal heat application for different materials.
  • Adjustable Speed: Conveyor speed can be fine-tuned for various product sizes.
  • Effective Heat Distribution: Quartz heating tubes ensure even shrinking.
  • Suitable for Multiple Products: Ideal for a wide range of items, from food to toys.
  • User-Friendly Design: Easy to operate and adjust for different shrink wrapping needs.


  • Model: CT ST-2020
  • Voltage / Hz: 220/50
  • Heating Method: Quartz heating tubes for top, bottom, and side application
  • Conveyor Options: Available with Teflon belt or roller type
  • Speed Regulation: AC variable speed control
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