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H-44 Hercules Heavy-duty Combination Strapping Tool

H-44 Hercules Heavy-duty Combination Strapping Tool

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Introducing the Transpak H-44 Combination Tool – the ultimate solution for efficient strapping. This user-friendly tool expertly combines tensioning, sealing, and cutting functionalities for plastic strapping in one seamless operation. Simply insert your serrated seal and load the strap – it's that straightforward. Offering a more cost-effective alternative to battery-operated options and a significant time-saving advantage over traditional two-piece setups, the H44 is the ideal choice for those seeking both efficiency and economy in their strapping processes.


  • Easy operation
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications
  • High tension up to 3000 N (300 kg)
  • For use with serrated seals, high seal efficiency can be achieved.



  • Handle for horizontal applications


Technical Data

Strap Type PP or PET straps
Strap Width 12 mm (H-44-12)
16 mm (H-44-16)
Joint Efficiency 70-80%
Weight 4 kg
Strap Thickness 0.4 mm - 0.9 mm
Maximum Strap Tension 200 kg for H-44-12
300 kg for H-44-16
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