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Automatic Carton Sealing Machine Model: CT- RCSM 01

Automatic Carton Sealing Machine Model: CT- RCSM 01

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Upgrade your carton sealing process with the CT-RCSM 01 Automatic Carton Sealing Machine. This versatile machine is designed for sealing random-size carton boxes, offering increased efficiency and precision.


  • Brand: CT Pack
  • Model: CT- RCSM 01
  • Voltage (V/Hz): AC 220/50 110/60
  • Air Compressor (Mpa): 0.5-0.6
  • Max. Carton Size (W×H)(mm): 500×500
  • Min. Carton Size (W×H)(mm): 200×120
  • Speed (m/min): 24 m/min (35 cartons/min)
  • Adhesive Tape Materials: BOPP, PVC adhesive tape, water-free adhesive tape
  • Height of Table (mm): 580-780
  • Width of Adhesive Tape (mm): 48, 60, 76 (optional)
  • External Dimensions (L×W× H)(mm): 1970×780×(1280-1460)
  • Net Weight (kg): 160

Key Features:

  • Random-Size Cartons: Ideal for sealing carton boxes with maximum dimensions of 500x500mm and minimum dimensions of 200x120mm.
  • Adjustable Top Flaps: The machine is designed to work with cartons that already have their top flaps closed. The upper taping head and side driving belts automatically adjust to the box dimensions.
  • Dual Flap Sealing: Simultaneously seals both the top and bottom flaps of the carton.
  • Adhesive Tape Compatibility: Works with PP adhesive tapes with widths of up to 60mm and a core diameter of 75mm.
  • Height Adjustment: The table height is adjustable from 580mm to 780mm to accommodate various carton sizes.
  • Variable Tape Width: Choose from adhesive tape widths of 48mm, 60mm, or 76mm (optional).
  • High-Speed Performance: Seals cartons at a speed of up to 24 meters per minute (equivalent to 35 cartons per minute).

Enhance your packaging workflow with the CT-RCSM 01 Automatic Carton Sealing Machine, Model: CT- RCSM 01, from CT Pack. Contact us to optimize your carton sealing process today!

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