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CT Pack Heavy Duty Carton Sealer - Model CT-CSM/HD 02

CT Pack Heavy Duty Carton Sealer - Model CT-CSM/HD 02

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The CT-CSM/HD 02, a heavy-duty carton sealing solution, offers reliability and durability for demanding applications. Its easy manual adjustment for various carton sizes and its 2-belt design ensure consistent, professional sealing results. The machine is suitable for carton sizes up to 500×500×500 mm, operating at 20 m/min. It’s a perfect fit for businesses in sectors like electronics, food, and pharmaceuticals, where high volume and efficiency are paramount.


  • Durable Heavy-Duty Construction: Designed for intensive use.
  • Manual Carton Size Adjustment: Easily adaptable for various sizes.
  • Efficient 2-Belt Design: Consistent and secure sealing.
  • Broad Industry Compatibility: Ideal for multiple sectors.
  • Adjustable Conveyor Belt Tension: Versatile for different carton types.
  • Top and Bottom Sealing: Simultaneous tape application.


  • Brand: CT Pack
  • Voltage / HZ: 220/50
  • Power: 0.2 KW
  • Max/Min Carton Size (L×W×H): 500×500×500 mm / 100×100×100 mm
  • Speed: 20 m/min
  • Material: Adhesive Tape
  • Table Height: 580-780 mm
  • Adhesive Tape Width: 48 mm
  • Machine Dimensions (L×W×H): 1755×800×(960-1650) mm
  • Weight: 115 kg
  • Air Compressor: NA

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