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Continuous Sealer (M.S. Body Vertical) | Model CT BS-770II MS

Continuous Sealer (M.S. Body Vertical) | Model CT BS-770II MS

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Product Description:

Boost your packaging productivity and save space with the CT BS-770II MS Vertical Continuous Band Sealer. This versatile machine efficiently seals small packages of all kinds, from PE and PP bags to laminates and foils.


  • Vertical configuration: Perfect for space-constrained environments.
  • Fast & efficient: Adjustable speed up to 16 m/min handles high volumes.
  • Easy operation: Minimal training required for smooth workflow.
  • Durable & reliable: 650W motor and constant temperature control for consistent results.
  • Wide range of materials: Seals PE, PP, laminates, and more.
  • Optional embossing printing: Add branding to your packaging (CT BS-770II MS model).


  • Constant temperature control system for reliable & precise sealing
  • Step-less speed regulation for optimal production flow
  • Motorized rubber conveyor with speed control for efficient package handling
  • Knurled pressure wheels with variable adjustment for diverse materials
  • Direct heat sealing method for secure and permanent closure
  • Emergency stop button for added safety and operator confidence
  • Adjustable distance from sealing center to conveyor table for diverse package sizes
  • Optional embossing printing wheel for branded packaging


  • Power: 650W
  • Voltage: AC 220V / 50 HZ
  • Sealing speeds: 0-12 m/min (standard), 0-16 m/min (optional)
  • Sealing width: 10mm
  • Temperature range: 0-300°C
  • Conveyor table size: 840 x 153mm
  • Overall dimensions: 840 x 380 x 450mm
  • Net weight: 28kg


  • PE bags, accordion bags, aluminum foil bags, kraft paper bags, electrostatic bags, etc.
  • Food, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, lubricating oil industries.
  • Small factories, shops, and workshops with space limitations.
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