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Cap Sleeve Shrink Tunnel CT-1510G

Cap Sleeve Shrink Tunnel CT-1510G

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Product Description:

The CT-1510G Cap Sleeve Shrink Tunnel from CT Pack is a versatile and efficient machine designed for shrink labeling bottles, cans, and paper cups. Whether covering the entire bottle or focusing on mid, top, or bottom sections, this machine excels in precision. It is perfect for industries like food, medicine, cosmetics, and pesticides. The CT-1510G ensures stable transmission with its unique conveyor device and offers intelligent shrink temperature control for optimal results.


  • Versatile Labeling: Capable of full bottle coverage or selective mid, top, or bottom labeling.
  • Up and Down Platform Adjustment: Allows for flexibility in labeling different sized bottles.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control: Ensures effective and precise shrink labeling.
  • Stepless Conveyor Speed Adjustment: Offers customizable speed control for various production needs.
  • Stable Transmission: Unique conveyor device enhances label application accuracy.
  • Film Compatibility: Suitable for PVC and POF shrink films.


  • Model: CT-1510G
  • Voltage: AC 220/50, 110/60
  • Power: 4.5 kW
  • Packing Speed: 8000-12000 pcs/hour
  • Max. Packing Size: φ120×400 mm
  • Tunnel Size (L×W×H): 1000×150×100 mm
  • External Dimensions (L×W×H): 1530×400×1300 mm
  • Net Weight: 180 kg
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