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Box Wrapping Machine - Model: CT-PBW 02

Box Wrapping Machine - Model: CT-PBW 02

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Product Description:

CT Pack and Automations' CT-PBW 02 Box Stretch Wrapping Machine is a high-performance machine, tailored for unique packing requirements in various industrial applications. It features cylinder presser technology for packing small to medium-sized objects and offers an enhanced stretch-ability of 150%, ensuring a higher yield from stretch film.


  • Brand: CT PACK
  • Power: 1P AC220V /110V, 50/60Hz, 0.5KW
  • Turntable Table Speed: 0-20r/min
  • Table Height: 650mm
  • Turntable Dia: 400 mm
  • Machine’s Dimensions: L 1150 * W 400 * H 1400 mm
  • Wrapping Height: 400 ~500 mm; 500 ~ 850 mm
  • Capacity: 80kg
  • Film: 500 mm, out diameter 280 mm
  • Net Weight: 150Kgs(Approx)


  • Cylinder Presser Technology: Ensures stable and secure wrapping.
  • Adjustable Wrapping Heights: Accommodates various box sizes.
  • High Stretch-ability: 150% stretch for efficient film usage.
  • Easy Operation: Simple to use and maintain.
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