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Automatic Web Sealer and Shrink Tunnel - Model: BSF-6030XI

Automatic Web Sealer and Shrink Tunnel - Model: BSF-6030XI

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Product Description:

The BSF-6030XI model by CT Pack is an advanced automatic web sealer ideal for packaging single and multiple products without a tray. It integrates seamlessly into production lines, handling various packing patterns and quantities. Equipped with Mitsubishi PLC for complete integration, this machine offers versatility with different infeed conveyor belt options and specialized sealing cutters for flawless operation.


  • Advanced Control System: Utilizes Mitsubishi PLC for integrated operation.
  • Flexible Infeed Options: Available with left or right infeed conveyor belts.
  • Versatile Packing Patterns: Can handle multiple rows and quantities of bottles.
  • High-Quality Sealing Cutter: Ensures perfect sealing without damage to film.
  • Customizable Packing: Suitable for 2, 3, or 4 rows of bottles, with or without a tray.


  • Voltage: 380/50(3PH)
  • Air Pressure Required: 7.0 kg/cm³
  • Power: 2 kW
  • Packing Speed: 0-12 Trays/min
  • Max Packing Size (L×W×H): 500×300×330 mm
  • Sealing & Cutting Size (L×H): 700×330 mm
  • Feed Conveyor Height: 850±50 mm
  • Film Used: PVC, PE
  • External Dimensions (L×W×H): 1360×2120×1900 mm
  • Net Weight: 465 kg
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