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Automatic Edge Carton Sealer - CT-ECSM 01: Save Time & Effort with Efficient Sealing

Automatic Edge Carton Sealer - CT-ECSM 01: Save Time & Effort with Efficient Sealing

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  • Auto-adjusts for carton sizes: Eliminate manual adjustments and increase speed.
  • Adjustable pressure & grip: Adapt to different materials and box weights.
  • Pneumatic & electric harmony: Seamless operation for smooth and efficient sealing.
  • Durable & reliable: AirTac components and double cylinder design for long-lasting performance.
  • Widely applicable: Perfect for various industries from food to pharmaceuticals.


  1. Automatic box size detection: No manual adjustments needed, saving time and effort.
  2. Adjustable sealing pressure: Protects delicate cartons and adapts to various materials.
  3. Adjustable pushing force: Handles boxes of different weights, preventing damage.
  4. Auto-alignment arms: Precisely positions boxes for perfect sealing every time.
  5. Double cylinder driven frame: Smooth operation and ensures long-term reliability.
  6. Combined pneumatic & electric system: Easy and convenient operation for any user.
  7. Sleek design: Aesthetically pleasing addition to your packaging workflow.


  • Model: CT-ECSM 01
  • Power supply: AC220V/50, AC110V/60Hz 260W
  • Max. packing dimension: 500(W)* 500(H) mm
  • Min. packing dimension: 200 (W)*200 (H)*200 (L)mm
  • Speed: 18m/min
  • Air Pressure: 2/3L,5kg/cm3
  • Adhesive tape width: 48mm, 60mm, 76mm
  • Working table height: 550-750MM
  • Machine size: 1955(L)*1340(W)*1330 (H)mm
  • Adhesive tape types: BOPP, PVC, Kraft Paper Tape
  • Package weight: 2.5-30 kg
  • Machine weight: 180 KG
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